Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cyber Charter School Coming Up!

The not-so-official official Kaplan / Agora Learning Center
Jadyne's desk set up right next to Mommy's

Big Circles....Just having fun.

Erase (She gets so excited about erasing the board!)

Now, independently drawing straight horizontal lines.
Reported most recently she could not.
She's doing it here unsolicited.

Jadyne's Workstation
I'm using the "reliability method" of letter recognition.
M, R, and V always keep their sound,
as opposed to "unreliable" letters like s, c, and y
She picked it RIGHT up, I mean within minutes!!

An Alphabet Banner
Another Visual Aid
She matches her cards to the banner when prompted.


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More details on YouTube viewing


Update: February 17, 2011

We got the rest of the school books and supplies in today. I had to rearrange things, find some storage space, but now I think it works! Here's the updated pics.

Jadyne trying out her new "Math Shape Cubes"
She is really enjoying them.
Been playing with them 45 mins straight now!

The Revised Version of Jadyne's Workstation


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